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Over 10 years of active presence in the telecom industry

Cli Termination Service

Singularity desires to satisfy quality needs of customer, by focusing on CLI Termination. Its goal is to give partners reliability and transparency.

Premium Termination Service

Singularity offers a range of premium quality CLI VoIP services, specific and adequately developed for its partners.

Wholesale Termination Service

Singularity satisfies needs of its partners, by offering Ncli destinations based on an excellent price/ quality ratio.

Direct Termination Service

Thanks to its Tier 1 and local interconnections, Singularity offers direct high quality destinations.

SMS – short message system

Since 2017, Singularity is active in the SMS market too, by guaranteeing the best solution for each customer.

Anti Fas Campaign

Singularity is strongly engaged in the “False Answer Supervision” campaign to contrast all frauds related to international calls.

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Contrast all frauds related to international calls.




Singularity is a fast growing company, active in the Voip Wholesale market since 2010.
Since 2017 Singularity is active in the SMS Market too.
Singularity has more than 300 interconnections worldwide, including Tier-1, which assure stability and quality of Cli and Ncli routes, and manages over than 50 million minutes monthly.
Thanks to its professional team and to its strong tech support, available 7/7 with an automatic ticketing system, Singularity is able to guarantee the best solution for each customer.
Reliability and efficiency represent Singularity’s mission.

Our Partners

Thanks to its partners, Singularity is able to place itself on a priority level in the international market.

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