Anti Fas Campaign

Singularity is strongly engaged in the “False Answer Supervision” campaign to contrast all frauds related to international calls.

Technological deficit in the network of the caller’s country is often the cause of “false answer” . Mainly this happens when the country does not support a “true-call-verification”.

A “false answer” happens when the caller:

– pays for a call that, even if requested, has never reached the destination;

– pays for pre-registered calls instead of real-time conversations;

– pays when the operator of the receiving country is attempting to channel the call on pre-registered answer platforms.

Our policy

Understanding the importance of avoiding FAS frauds in order to increase customer satisfaction, Singularity has adopted a set of measures which are fundamental to reduce at minimum the risk of “false answers”.

Specifically, Singularity constantly monitors its network in order to solve eventual “false answer” problems before the client could notice them.

All operators present in the black list are immediately warned and Singularity puts an end to all business relationships with suppliers who refuse to improve their services.

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